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Hi, I’m Suzanne.

I help women unleash their feminine power and find peace and passion with their man.

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The Suzanne Venker Show

TIRED OF THE LIES AND THE SPIN perpetuated in the culture about men, women, sex and love? Does the relentless gender propaganda make you feel as if you’re going mad?

“Enough!” says author and relationship coach Suzanne Venker. It’s time for Americans to have the support and the information they need to reject cultural narratives that undermine their success in life and in love.

"What a light you are in a raging sea of falsities!" — Theresa

"I feel like you are one of my rocks, Suzanne, in terms of normalizing how I feel. I can just listen to you, and all the BS other people are talking about gets filtered out and I feel centered. You are the best!" — Rose

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