Hi! I'm Suzanne.

I help women reject bogus narratives about men, marriage, and motherhood that sabotage their success in life and in love.

Never before has a generation of women been so massively misled.

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Marriage/Relationship and Life Coaching

Struggling in love and desperate for help? Suzanne Venker is known for her direct, commonsense style and for being a fierce advocate for women and men who crave a successful marriage or relationship. Her books, podcast, videos, and coaching are all based on her argument that men and women are "equal in value but wildly different by nature."

To that end, Suzanne helps you sort through the muck you've absorbed from the culture about men, women, sex and love. Once you understand the truth about male and female nature, and learn the behaviors that speak to the needs of the opposite sex, you'll be shocked at how easy love can be!

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The Suzanne Venker Show

The Suzanne Venker Show


Tired of the lies and the spin perpetuated in the culture about men, women, sex and love? Does the relentless gender propaganda make you feel as if you’re going mad?

“Enough!” says author and relationship coach Suzanne Venker. It’s time for Americans to have the support and the information they need to reject cultural narratives that undermine their success in life and in love.

"You're rocking my paradigms."