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Who's Suzanne?

Pic of me in Nashville

At heart, I'm a rebel with a cause—and a boatload of conviction.

Until recently, getting married has been a rite of passage to which most women (and men) looked forward. It was considered life’s main event, not a side dish or a capstone to an otherwise happy and fulfilling life. Sadly, that is precisely how women today have been groomed to view marriage and family. 

Modern culture preaches two main narratives that undermine women's success in love: that they should be independent at all costs and should "never depend on a man," and that men are Neanderthals. On what planet can this lead to relationship success?

We are also continuously told that sex differences (and thus, sex roles) are social constructs rooted in backward thinking—as though biology is bogus. This is a profound lie that drives a massive wedge between the sexes.

Finally, there's the fact that the modern generation is largely a product of divorce. How can we expect them to know how to do what they've never seen modeled?

To be successful in love and in life, you'll have to throw out everything you've learned since the day you were born and start over from scratch.

When you're ready, I'll be here

Suzanne Venker

My Story

In this section used to be all the stuff about how I'm the author of five books and a columnist and contributor for various publications. It said that my 2012 article at Fox News, "The War on Men," remains one of Fox's most read op-eds in history and that I've made appearances on Tucker Carlson Tonight as well as on The View. If you're looking for that formal bio, you can access it here.

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But none of that gets to the heart of why I do what I do.

I come from a long line of strong and independent-minded women who viewed their role as wives and mothers to be their most important. The women in my family loved men and loved being married. I was never taught that women are victims of the patriarchy or that women should "never depend on a man." On the contrary, marriage and family was valued and prioritized above all else.

But that didn't translate to not getting an education or pursuing a career. The women in my family all have degrees—even Masters' degrees—and pursued careers. But they did it in piecemeal fashion, with the needs of their families taking center stage. 

Like most women today, I was raised to believe the world was my oyster. But I was also taught that choices have trade-offs. Women can't 'have it all' at once, but they can get most of what they want over the course of a lifetime.

This empowering mindset toward men and marriage, along with the sound advice I received about life and love, is what allowed me to avoid the pitfalls that plague so many women when it comes to sex & dating, marriage & motherhood, and work-family balance. 

American women are in desperate need of a new life and relationship roadmap, and I'm thrilled to be able to provide it.

What happened to chivalry?

By Suzanne Venker

A friend of mine whose mother died recently was going through her parents’ memorabilia and unearthed a Western Union telegram from 1954 that her father sent her mother just before they married. Here’s what it said:

Suzanne Venker Fox And Friends Chivalry Is Dead