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Never before has a generation of women been so massively misled.

"The practical life advice your mother never gave you."

How to Build a Better Life implodes the narrative that women should prioritize career over family and provides a new path forward for single women who want to get married and build a family friendly life and for married mothers who want to work less so they can be home more.

Are you a single woman who's convinced you’ll never find a marriageable man? Or are you a married mother who wants to stay home with your children for a season, but your husband and family think you shouldn't?

If so, I'm guessing that it feels like everyone around you wants you to be a workhorse, while you just want to slow down.

You want to live a simpler life that’s centered on family, not on career. You want to raise your own babies, not put them in daycare. You want to live in your home, not use it as a place to sleep and shower.

In How to Build a Better Life, relationship and life coach Suzanne Venker charts a new course for women who want to prioritize love and family and build strong relationships at home.

You will learn:

  • H​ow to date for marriage, rather than for fun
  • How to think differently about work-life balance
  • How​ to live on less you can stay home with the littles
  • The truth about daycare that no one told you

For years, women have been groomed to map out a career-focused life and to “worry about marriage later,” only to discover around the age of thirty that their priorities have changed. Problem is, they made professional, financial, and relational decisions based on a different set of priorities. Now they feel stuck.

The women who are most successful in life and in love play the long game throughout their twenties. But those who didn’t plan ahead aren’t doomed.

With the right support, encouragement, and education—about (among other things) the vast differences between women and men and about the irreducible needs of children—a woman at any stage of life can decide to change course and start prioritizing her relationships at home.

Whether you’re still single and looking for your person, or you’ve already found him and want to build a more balanced life, How to Build a Better Life is the reality check you need to counter the lies you’ve been fed about men, marriage, work and family—and about what it really means to build a happy life.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Fatal Trade 
Chapter 1: Live an examined life 
Chapter 2: Prioritize marriage and family over career 
Chapter 3: Unleash your feminine power 
Chapter 4: Date with purpose 
Chapter 5: Don’t not have babies or not stay home with them just because you have debt 
Chapter 6: Change your definition of work-life balance 
Chapter 7: Learn the truth about daycare (that no one ever told you) 
Chapter 8: Love your life, not theirs

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“With a better plan, and with facing the realities of instinct, bandwidth, and finances, Suzanne gives sound advice on how to achieve that goal of a more peaceful, fulfilling life. Eternally grateful for her wisdom, her voice has been life-changing for me and my family!" – Chelsea 

"No one else is talking like this. I am blown away by her concepts that are, so basic and simple yet so countercultural that she needs to articulate in the way that she does. She has a gift, and I am glad that she has created a book like this that I can give to my peers and daughters for their future planning of their lives."

“Great book!! Thank you, Suzanne! I am a big fan. I found you a few weeks ago and can’t stop listening to your podcast! I began detoxing a few years ago from all the brainwashing I received at my liberal arts college. I recently turned 29 and although I began wanting a family a couple of years ago, it’s increasingly become a deep desire of mine that consumes my thoughts on a daily basis. The biological clock is real, and it’s ticking so hard right now for me. Thanks again for all your insights and wisdom! —Marie

"As a female physician, I never got information like this."

“Omg! You are changing my life. You are saying out loud what every woman is thinking. I was raised by a strong, independent, feminist mother—very loving, I might add, but she didn’t believe in monogamy. I was a mess. For a long time. You are giving me hope and guidance, and I couldn’t be any happier in my marriage. THANK YOU. I’m so happy I found you!” – Kerri

“Suzanne, you’re changing lives. All the best from your little fan club here in Warsaw, Poland. I’m an ex-corporate successful STEM girl on her way to getting married and building a family…Never before have I felt so empowered.” – Zofia

About Suzanne

Suzanne Venker is a relationship and life coach, and host of The Suzanne Venker Show. Most importantly, she is a wife of 26 years and a mother of two young adults.

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