Marriage (& Life) Coaching It's not supposed to be this hard. Really.

You need a brand new mindset for love—and for life.

Marriage on the rocks?

Let me guess: At the beginning, things were great. You were both "in love," and life was good. Then, somewhere along the line, everything changed. She changed. Or maybe he did. Either which way, now your relationship feels, well, hard. 

You're probably wondering where the instruction manual is on how to be peacefully married. Perhaps you're a product of divorce, or you simply don't want a marriage like the one your parents have.

The truth is, falling in love is easy—it doesn't require any skills or effort. But sustaining love? That's a completely different ball game.

What most couples lack, especially today, are the tools needed to stay married—tools they haven't been encouraged to access. In a culture in which equality reins, the glorious differences between women and men that make love work have vanished.

I will help you bring them back.

Need help with motherhood or with life? Here are some issues I've helped people sort out:

  • Help! Our work-life balance is completely out of whack.
  • My priorities have changed, and I'm not sure how to reverse course.
  • I chose the wrong career.
  • Should I move to a more affordable state to live a more balanced life?

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