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Marriage and Relationship Coaching

Marriage & Relationship Coaching Learn the dance.

Marriage Coaching

When you first got married, things were perfect. You were both "in love," and life was good. Then, somewhere along the line, everything changed. She changed. Or maybe he did. Either which way, now your relationship feels, well, hard.

The wife or husband you once knew seems to have disappeared. Now she argues with you all the time and is always on edge. He stonewalls or shuts down or retreats to the TV or to his phone. Your sex life sucks.

What if I told you you have the power to turn it all around? All you're missing are the tools you need to sustain love, the very ones you haven't been encouraged to access. In a culture in which equality reins, the glorious differences between women and men that make love work have vanished.

I will help you bring them back.

The secret to lasting love rests in the masculine-feminine dance. Once you master it, your relationship will no longer be difficult. You'll be moving with the biological tide, rather than against it. And when you do, you'll be amazed at the results. You'll feel empowered and motivated. You'll be excited about love again. In fact, you'll think you've hit the marriage jackpot. Let's get started with your 30-minute FREE call!

For marriage coaching, here are some common areas of concern:

  • Help! I love him, but I'm not "in love" with him.
  • Money conflicts are ruining our marriage.
  • Why does my husband spend so much time in the basement or in front of the TV?
  • Our sex life sucks.
  • My wife doesn't respect me.
  • I feel like my husband is my child instead of my partner.

Still Dating?

Let's be honest: Dating is a mess.

Never before has there been so much confusion over who's supposed to do what in a relationship or even how to go about building one. Never before have there been so many hurdles to face.

What if we're not politically aligned? What about my/our student debt? When is it too soon to have sex? What if he or she only texts and never calls? Can a long-distance relationship work?

These questions are the reason you need a coach. I will help you make smart decisions about love and sex and money and career—because all of these things are related. The relationship between the sexes has changed dramatically and as a result men and women are shooting blanks. Add technology to the equation, and we have a genuine clusterfuck.

If you're a woman whose goal is to get married and stay married, you must learn how to date with purpose and intentionality. If you are currently in a relationship, I will help you navigate these muddy waters —via one session or six—so you don't waste time with someone who's not a match. Life's too short for that.

Let's get started!

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