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Dear Friends,

So I’ve signed on to write another book, this time with a collaborator, who asked me to do so several years ago. John M. Townsend, Ph.D. is an anthropologist who has been teaching at Syracuse University for decades. His book, What Women Want, What Men Want, was hugely instructive during my research for earlier books. I highly recommend it—although it is an academic book, not a commercial one. But for an academic book, it reads very well.

At any rate, here’s the premise of our book: The more liberated, or “empowered,” women become, the greater their desire for dominant men. But men’s response to women’s “rise” in society has been to take a step back, or to become less dominant. This role reversal is largely to blame for the death of dating, for delayed marriage, for the current rate of divorce, and for the relentless gender war.

How are women going to rectify their desire for dominant men when women are becoming the dominant sex? They often complain there are no good men left. What will this mean for our daughters?

Now this is where you come in: If you have a story that speaks to the above issue, and you’d like me to include it in the book, please share that story with me in an email and send to

THANK YOU! Suzanne

p.s. In case you missed my last two Fox articles on the Parkland school shooting, here they are:

Suzanne Venker

Suzanne Venker is an author, speaker and cultural critic known as “The Feminist Fixer.” She has authored several books to help women win with men in life and in love. Her most recent, The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men & Marriage, was published in February 2017.

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