Smart Men Don’t Marry Feminists

Real Men Don't Marry FeministsHave you ever made your husband a sandwich? If so, you should be ashamed of yourself. Don’t you realize such behavior sets women back decades?

That’s the message of a new article in The Daily Telegraph, entitled “When making a sandwich is a crime against feminism,” about an Australian woman named Maddie who asked a Facebook group of 26,186 mothers whether anyone had some yummy alternatives for her husband’s lunches, which she said she makes for him every day.

Now that’s what anyone I know would call a nice wife.

But that’s not what Maddie was called on Facebook. Instead, she was told she was nothing but a “slave” and a “1950s housewife.” She was also “weird,” as no woman in her right mind would do something so demeaning as to make her husband lunch.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the responses Maddie got:

  • “Your husband is a grown up, and you’re not his mother!”
  • “My husband can make his own damn lunch.”
  • “I make my husband the same thing he makes me. Nothing!!”
  • “Stuff that, hubby is a grown man. I already do his laundry and keep his children alive.”
  • “Our advice is to stop making his lunches.”
  • “My role is childcare during working hours and that’s it.”
  • “He’s lucky if I decide to make dinner some nights.”

That, my friends, is what feminists brought to America in the 1970s.

And it stuck.

The idea that a wife would, or God forbid, should, do anything for her husband with no expectation for anything in return—just to be nice, because, as Maddie put it, she “loves her man” and they “can’t afford to eat out”— makes her weak.

Honestly, is it really any wonder why the relationship between the sexes is such a mess today? Or why, as Bloomberg published just last week, married Americans are unhappier than ever?

In my opinion, it is largely because there are so many women in America today who, either knowingly or unknowingly, have a feminist mind. Feminists teach women, above all else, to stand up for themselves against the evil men of the world. Even harmless husbands fall into the category of ‘evil men’ since they supposedly long to lord over their wives. Thus, the knee-jerk reaction to the suggestion that a wife might serve her husband in some way—make him a drink or a meal—is to become defensive.

The feminist worldview is antithetical to love because its focus is solely on women: their needs, their wants, their desires, and their rights. Love can’t possibly be sustained with an attitude like that.

Of course, there are men who support feminists. My friend Helen Smith, Ph.D., refers to these type of men as “Uncle Tims” in her book Men on Strike. An Uncle Tim is a male sellout who kowtows to feminists because he’s (a) just as left-wing as they are and thus agrees with the feminist worldview, or (b) too weak to stand up for himself and knows that if he says anything he’s not suppose to, he won’t get sex.

Most Uncle Tims who fall under category A live on the East and West coasts. Those who fall under category B can live anywhere, but the one area of the country they’re scarce is in the South and the Midwest. Because that’s where the real men live.

And smart men don’t marry feminists.

The men who do have been feminized and are proud of not being “the man of the house.” They see that as backwards and take pride in their progressive, non manly ways. Of course, don’t expect an Uncle Tim to kill the intruder in the house on his wife’s behalf—he’s given up the role of provider and protector. He and his wife are equals!

Unfortunately, the Uncle Tims are often the ones who lose in the end because all too often feminist wives regret their choice to make their marriages androgynous—and the men who give up their manhood, because they thought that’s what women and society wanted—are left in the dust.

To improve the state of marriage in this country, what we need are fewer feminists and fewer Uncle Tims. We need real men who aren’t afraid to stand up to feminist gobbledygook. A fantastic example is Chad Prather, aka Political Cowboy—who, not coincidentally, is from Texas. Check out his very funny (and very true) video on gender INequality!

Now there’s a smart man.

And I’d bet my life savings his wife isn’t a feminist.

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Suzanne Venker

Suzanne Venker is an author, columnist and radio host known as The Feminist Fixer. She helps free women from feminism so they can find lasting love with men. Suzanne's newest book, WOMEN WHO WIN at Love: How to Build a Relationship That Lasts, will be published October 2019.

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  1. Feminism has really destroyed our society today, thanks to these very pathetic women now. MGTOW is the much better and safer way to go. It will save us a lot of torture and aggravation altogether from these loser women, and it will certainly keep a lot of extra money in our pockets as well. GO MGTOW.

  2. I live in the Midwest and agree 100%. I’ll let somebody else go into “mgtow,” “manosphere” and “the red pill” but this generation of women seem to think that their “wants” come ahead of the husband’s/children’s/family’s NEEDS (if she even gets married in the first place). Personally, I think it’s a combination of that whole “Disney Princess” indoctrination and a lack of (suitable) fathers to stop their sons from turning into, what’s known in the “Manosphere,” as a “Simp.” Then we have the family court system, gynocentric laws, etc. And I didn’t even vote for Donald Trump and I can see what a dumpster fire feminism has become.

  3. Men, and women both would be much more fulfilled if many were to exercise the God given roles that our Creator instilled in us from the beginning… The emptiness that many are do to a spiritual void that only our Creator can fill… The West has lost its way, and the family unit suffers due to lack of knowledge of what has been instilled in us from the beginning… Isaiah chapter 3 verse 12 gave us a prophetic message that rings true to this day: ” As for My people, children are their oppressors,
    And women rule over them.
    O My people! Those who lead you [i]cause you to err,
    And destroy the way of your paths.”

  4. Smart men do not marry feminists.
    Smart men do not antagonize poisonous snakes.
    Smart men do not jump out of airplanes without parachutes.
    Smart men do not drink lots of alcohol and go driving a vehicle, at night.
    Smart men don’t hammer their heads with a hammer.
    Smart men do not dowse their bodies with gasoline, and play with fire.
    Smart men do not put their hands in rotating blenders.
    Smart men do not hammer nails through their bodies.


  5. Feminists are usually man hating women to begin with. And it is very sad that most of these women have a lot of mental problems today which they have become very dangerous as well. And to think that most women back in the old days were certainly the very complete opposite and Real Ladies too. Feminism is all over the place today which makes it very difficult for many of us single men looking for love now as well. Obviously this would have never been a problem in the old days since it was very easy for our family members when they met one another. Then again, our family members were very blessed and lucky to be born at that time since it was a real plus for them.

  6. It amazes me how some of these feminists women run off good men and then cry out where are the good men? Dear God Lol!

  7. i really pity the women of this generation. they dont even worth any man’s time nor are they qualified to wash the dishes in any home. i will ask men to avoid them as plaques.

  8. I would say that smart men don’t get married AT ALL, especially in light of the divorce, alimony, and child support laws–and how easy it is for a man to be butt-raped in divorce/family court.

    I know you’re pro-marriage and I respect that–however, if you really cared about men in general, you would NOT encourage them to sign up for a system in which there is a high chance they could get THOUROUGHLY and ROYALLY SCREWED.

  9. It’s refreshing to see a woman who is willing to speak out against feminism. This all goes back to the caveman days when roles in the patriarchy were understood. We (as a species) have actually gotten AWAY from the core concept of perpetuating/evolving our species. We have a much more complex dialog now thanks to everyone wanting to display their feelings. Were all pretty much guilty of it. A species primary purpose on this planet is to perpetuate/evolve the species…in lamen terms meaning have babies, make the world a better place for future generations, and not repeat the mistakes of the past. Almost all of us, in affect, are going against nature… which is to have lots and lots of babies. Gay people are going against nature. Men (like me) who got a vasectomy are going against nature. Women who take birth control are going against nature… hence the (now) more complicated scenarios and dialogs. — But there’s 2 things that feminists and homosexuals get twisted and that’s: (1) the masculine/feminine role in any given relationship and (2) the dominant/submissive role in any given relationship… and therein lies our problem.

  10. Well… I am a man and I cook my wife’s lunch every day. I am not a slave. I love my wife and each meal is like a daily present for her.

    Some feminists have turned some women into selfish crying babies.

  11. That totally is nice of Maddie, but it is pretty clear the writer cherry picked rude comments. Also, there are zero sources or studies cited, and just self referencing the author, a random Ph D (in what?) and a cowboy from Texas…uhuh. Noticably absent is the fact that domestic violence is at an all time low because women are able to be independent and don’t have to tolerate abuse as much anymore in order to not be homeless. Among all other industries that millenials are supposedly killing, they are also killing the divorce industry, as they are less likely to get divorced. Divorce rates peaked in the 80’s and lately have fallen 18%. Some may say this is because younger people are not getting married as much, but this is not the case, as it accounts for total marriages. It may be because women are more educated (increases that statistic of staying married) and people are getting married later (more likely to stay together). Sorry, a crunchy internet group of 20,000 is not evidence of anything.

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