Hasbro goes full-on woke with its new game, ‘Ms. Monopoly’

One of America’s most recognizable board games, Monopoly, has created a new version celebrating girl power. In Ms. Monopoly, female players start with $1,900, compared to $1500 for each male player. And when girls pass ‘Go,’ they don’t get the standard $200. They get $240.

So, just to get this straight: In Hasbro’s lame attempt to “empower” women, it’s selling the idea that women need a leg up in order to compete with men. Ergo, women and girls are not, in fact, as smart or as capable as men.

Okay, got it. Glad we cleared that up.

I can’t get my head around parents who would actually buy Ms. Monopoly for their kids, but they will no doubt regret it when their sons and daughters start to play the game and fighting erupts. Should a boy deign to play in the first place, he will rightfully point out over and over the unfairness of the game and how it’s rigged against him.

But then, I suspect that’s the point. I suspect it’s Hasbro’s way of teaching boys a lesson: that the game of life has been rigged against women for eons, and now it’s boys’ turn to feel it.

Aside from the fact that this is pure propaganda—American women are not oppressed—how on earth is pitting the sexes against one another as children going to solve what Hasbro believes is a real problem? On what planet would that actually turn out well?

Or perhaps I have it all wrong. Perhaps the game is designed so that no boy will ever want to play. Maybe the purpose is to just gather a bunch of girls in a room so they can start to think of men as the enemy and figure out how they can protect themselves from the opposite sex and take over the world.

If that’s the case, ignore everything I wrote. I’m sure the whole thing will turn out fine. 

Suzanne Venker

Suzanne Venker is an author, columnist and radio host known as The Feminist Fixer. She helps free women from feminism so they can find lasting love with men. Suzanne's newest book, WOMEN WHO WIN at Love: How to Build a Relationship That Lasts, will be published October 2019.

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  1. Bill Whittaker says

    104 days till Christmas! Horrible timing Hasbro! Time for ANOTHER Corporation to feel an $8 BILLION “SHAVE” for the Holidays?

    What an ugly 4th Quarter it will be! Good luck explaining this to your Shareholders.

  2. Timmy says

    I think this shows just how privileged women are in our society. College graduation rates, young women out earn men, preference in the criminal justice system, etc.

    The only way for men to win a rigged game is not to play. And it seems like men arent playing the game anymore. See you last post.

      • Sara says

        I saw a razor brand at the store I thought about trying, until I saw, in tiny print the same color as the packaging, that it was by Gillette… I think they called it Joy? So they’re literally trying to sell things without people noticing they’re name on it. That says to me that they know people are avoiding their name. I did not buy it.

  3. Ris_Eruwaedhiel says

    That’s what all of the so-called “civil rights” movements are all about – not equality, but privilege, superiority and revenge.

    • Richard says

      Yes, women feel very privileged. Everything is handed to them on a silver platter. But for those who grow up that way… they assume that everything will be handed to them on a silver platter. Why not? They got special privileges all through school, and even into the workplace. Necessity is a great teacher, but they never needed to learn to be competent. Some are competent, yes, butTh many are not.

      They do not understand the concept of non-linear change. They go out and throw away their SMV, on the bad boys, till they are 39, and then they want a 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, in ever way, man to marry. You know, a guy who can finance their clothes, shoes, and other addictions. And they discover THE WALL. The free market- and that is what finding a male partner is about- means you are judged on your actual value, by a dispassionate judge, who knows that if he judges badly, he is screwed, in so many ways. No more special quotas, no more overlooking the laziness in work output, no more overlooking that she never mastered her craft. Just dispassionate observation. And then few men available for her, at 39, well, they’ve been around the block a few times, and know very well what kind of women to avoid. They are often smart enough to stay in stealth, so these women never even see them. “Where have all the good men gone?” is really “Where have all the men who used to pamper me, overlook my faults, put up with my immaturity, tell me what I wanted to hear instead of what I needed to hear, pay my expenses, pay my Visa bill, get my a car, gone?” I do so love seeing their laments on youtube. Well, it’s wrong to do schadenfreude, but it is like a forbidden chocolate dessert. Even funnier are the women in their 40’s, and 50’s, even, who decide to dump hubby because he is “boring”, though he did, well, you know, pay the bills, and other mundane stuff like that. I’ve seen them thinking they are still in high school. It takes them a few months, typically, to realize that they’re not in Kansas any more. They suddenly realize that, well, the tide has turned. They are no longer in a seller’s market, they are in a buyer’s market, and the buyers aren’t looking at the goods, much less buying. Now they are worried. I know of a woman like this. She dumped hubby for a bad boy, kept the kids, socked him for child support, and so on. Well, bad boy dumped her. What a surprise. You mean a guy who didn’t respect other people’s vows wasn’t faithful. Oh, horrors. Now she wants back, to “work it out”. Hubby actually has more money to play with, since she only takes half his income, and formerly got a lot more. He has discovered that he is a bull in a cow pasture, and he has many, many options, some quite attractive. One night stands, few week stands, he has more than he ever imagined. Why would he go back to a woman like his ex? And he won’t. Oh, and since hubby isn’t allowed to come back to the house, she has to pay repair people, who are not cheap, and often want to be paid up front, which cuts into her spending. And of course she has children to care for, which cuts into her social life. Now that would be a realistic board game: “Ms. Divorce”. With all the consequences. Hasbro, are you listening?

  4. Jerry says

    Ms. Monopoly, female players start with $1,900, compared to $1500 for each male player. And when girls pass ‘Go,’ they don’t get the standard $200. They get $240.

    This is actually an accurate reflection of the advantages women now have in our system. They have all that men have, PLUS special privileges. How truly educational this is- teach the boys early that women have major advantages over them. Get that fire of resentment burning early. And when they see a woman being attacked, on the subway, they can say, “Oh, sorry, ain’t nobody here but us fish bicycles”, and just move on. Hasbro probably has people checking reaction to their products. Here’s a reaction for you, Hasbro: I will never again buy a Gillette product in my life. And I will never again buy a Hasbro product, either. I will further criticize your products to anybody, at every opportunity. You created a permanent negative advertisement. And it will be fun to trash you, at every opportunity.

  5. Raymond says

    For a while, I lived in a small town. The “townies” had all grown up there, knew each other, and so on. I wasn’t a townie. I had to move, so I moved into a house inherited by a townie. It was an old house, needed work, but I did enjoy that town. The first indication that all wasn’t well in Paradise was that the woman who owned it didn’t want a lease. Interesting. I later figured out it was because there was asbestos in the basement, but, ok. The woman had grown up in that house, and couldn’t see the problems. Her brother had gotten HIV, well, you know, picked the wrong boyfriend. He was a townie, and that was just one of many things people knew about him. Nobody picked on him or anything like that. He had passed on. His sister- our landlady- lived a town away, in a sweet deal, where she paid half a normal rent, and worked off the other half. The home needed repairs. Starting with the heating system. She got two of her girlfriends in to help. She proudly told me that she didn’t need a man, that women could take care of everything themselves. She was divorced, her ex was in another town. Fortunately no kids. So she and her two girlfriends started working on the heating system. I’m sure she’d seen her father work on it, but she had no idea how to repair it. Neither did her friends. It was almost like watching a Three Stooges episode. They finally got something to work, and left. That evening, the system kicked on, and a wierd fog was in the upper half of all the rooms. That was spooky. It seems they had left the pipes uncoupled. Now, there are certainly incompetent men, at repairs, but mostly, men have to master their craft, because nobody will take care of them, if they don’t. Men know they are disposable. Then, well, there was the problem of no insulation in the walls, in a New England town. I have no idea how the woman’s mother paid the heating bill, but we could see it was going to be high, on oil heat. There was a problem with the water. The back door wasn’t secure, not so much an issue in a small town, but perhaps a concern. And this woman and her two stooges, I mean buddies, came over to fix things. The fact that they were lesbian was of course incidental, in a small town, that’s just one of many qualities a person might have, and people don’t worry about it. They were able to successfully paint some walls, I noticed, though, well, they somehow forgot the drop cloths, and the surface prep was a bit summary. And they were always talking about how they “didn’t need to call a man”, because they were capable women, who could do anything. I just kept my mouth shut, and tensed my jaw muscles. It was just like watching the Three Stooges at work, it really hurt not to laugh out loud. Then, the woman decided she was just not getting enough rent from us. My wife had cleaned out the mother’s possessions, which this woman hadn’t bothered to do, my wife had made the place look really good, despite the problems. So, yes, now it was time to double the rent- mid-month- starting that very month, or, be out by the end of the month. So, we got out by the end of the month. The woman was hurt. She got other tenants in, but they stayed all of two months, I guess the Three Stooges repair crew wasn’t quite up to their standard. And then it sat, vacant. Our landlady, a tough feminist, was, yes, a truckdriver. And, well, she had this little issue with alcohol. The state police even had a discussion with her about it, three DUI’s, it seems. And then the court wanted to have a discussion. She lost her CDL, no surprise- did you really want to be on the road with an 80,000 pound vehicle driven by someone drinking. And, the state decided to give her a special vacation, rent free, with free food, in a special facility they had. They kept her there for a few months. They even offered her special durable clothing, with the name of the facility on it. I’m sure she had no problem finding girlfriends there. There are obviously incompetent men out there. Society gives them short shrift. I look at this Hasbro game, and I just laugh as hard as I can. Because now they glorify the feminist stooges. There are some extremely competent women, in the workplace, I have had the pleasure of learning from some. And there are some extremely incompetent women, in the workplace, who cannot be fired, because they keep up the quota. I eat a very healthy diet, and take care of myself, because I’ve worked in hospitals, and I know what goes on in them. I really hope they don’t have these quota queens in nuclear power plants, you know, where screwing something up can’t just be papered over.

  6. Jim says

    HASBRO. How A Strong Business Runs Off. PC killed the most lucrative film/product franchise in history- Star Wars. I’ve noticed that the Target I go to, which used to have an entire rack devoted to Star Wars toys, no longer stocks them. For the first time ever. They have racks of other toys, but not Star Wars. They marked all those toys down, and didn’t replenish. Disney paid, what, $5 billion, for the Star Wars franchise, and made $1.2 billion on their first Star Wars film, and now the SW films are losing money, and the toys- which was where the real money was- have tanked, too. Apparently Disney wants an economic spanking. Marvel Comics introduced all those Social Justice Warrior characters, in new comics. Problem is, they’re in a real business, which doesn’t do well, if people don’t buy their products. People didn’t buy their new comics. Sooo, they folded up. The market is not a harsh teacher; it is a realistic teacher. But today’s businesses have forgotten what reality is. Star Wars movies used to do well overseas- they spoke to the deep, emotional part of being. PC crap doesn’t. The last SW movie tanked in China, too. Wow. One of the biggest foreign film markets. Chinese people tend to be grounded, though, and I’ve never met a stupid Chinese person in my life. And Disney was kind enough to redirect money to the Chinese film industry, which I’m sure that industry will appreciate.

  7. Danny says

    I played board games growing up. It was an expression of community. Nowadays, most boys, and many girls, are playing electronic games. Board games are not a growing business. They are a dying form. Monopoly was a fascinating game, in the 1930’s, when it was invented. Nowadays, some call it Monotony.

    I am impressed that this new game is realistically showing that women have more advantages, in today’s society. That reflects reality. Might as well tell the few boys that will play this game, that they are running the race of life with 30 extra pounds in their backpack.

  8. Ernestine says

    The game of life has NOT been “rigged against women for eons”. When you compare men and women of the same socioeconomic class, men have always had it worse. Sorry, that’s just the reality. That goes against the feminist propaganda, of course, but it’s true. Look at feminist writing, that compares rich men, with women of the lowest classes, economically. This is just not a comparable. If feminism was what it claims to be, it would be called peopleism.

  9. Ruth says

    Yes, women are catching up with men, even exceeding them, in more and more fields. Here’s an example:

    Former St. Clair County Assistant State’s Attorney Deborah J. Phillips’ driver’s license has been suspended as the result of a crash in which O’Fallon police say she drove her BMW into a building. According to police, Phillips’ blood alcohol level at the time of the crash was .43, which is more than five times the legal limit. (Martin Luther said if you must sin, sin boldly. She’s taken this to heart.)

    In a statutory summary suspension filed Aug. 30, the Office of the Secretary of State ordered Phillips, 57, to lose her license for six months, effective Sept. 15. Phillips was charged with two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence on July 31. She also faces two traffic charges of failing to reduce speed and disregarding an official traffic control device.

    A summary suspension is a civil penalty separate from a DUI charge. A person can be found not guilty of DUI but still have a summary suspension if they either failed a chemical test or refused to submit to one. A hearing for the summary suspension was scheduled for Tuesday, but was continued at the request of Phillips’ attorney, Justin A. Kuehn. On Aug. 23, Kuehn submitted an unsuccessful request to rescind the suspension on the grounds that the arresting officer could not prove Phillips was driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, that the tests failed to disclose an alcohol level of 0.08 or more, that the tests were not properly administered, that the arresting officer did not properly request Phillips submit to a test and that the officer did not read a “warning to motorist” rights form to Phillips.

    According to an O’Fallon Police Department incident report, first responders were called to the scene of Plumbers Supply Company at 6700 Old Collinsville Road around 1:22 p.m. on July 16 in reference to a vehicle that had crashed into the store and a person trapped inside due to falling debris. The report states that one witness said he saw a car at the intersection of Old Collinsville Road and Salem Place go through the intersection without stopping for a stop sign, hit a car in the left turn lane, go over a curb, drive through some bushes and crash into the walls of the business. (If you’re going to do something, do it spectacularly)

    When police arrived, they discovered a black BMW with an Illinois license plate inside the building, with a portion of the business’ northern wall resting on the car. In the report, police officer Daniel Hesselbacher stated that he could smell “the strong odor of burnt rubber” when he stepped inside the store. Witnesses who had been working at the store at the time told police that the BMW’s wheels were still spinning before they shouted at the driver to turn the car off.
    According to the report, O’Fallon Fire Chief Brad White, who was the first on scene, told police that the driver, later identified by police as Phillips, was not injured, but would not respond properly to basic questions he asked her.

    As White and Deputy Fire Chief Erick Harris began moving debris off of the BMW, Hesselbacher spoke to Phillips through the open passenger door. He stated he smelled the odor of alcohol from inside the car, that Phillips’ eyes were glassy and mildly bloodshot and that her speech was slow and slurred. (I hate when that happens.) Inside the car, Hesselbacher stated he could see a half-empty 750 mL plastic bottle of Gran Legacy Vodka inside a purse in the car. When Phillips got out of the BMW, she was “extremely unsteady on her feet, and she was having a hard time holding her head up,” he wrote in the report.

    Phillips was transported to the hospital by O’Fallon-Shiloh EMS, the incident report stated, and when asked how she was feeling, said, “I’m fine, I’m not hurt at all.”

    In the hospital room, police told Phillips she was under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. She replied, “But I wasn’t driving.” (Denial. Yes)

  10. Gianni says

    To balance that women start with more money, how about isolating them from potential mentors, too. I saw this on the web.

    I work for a mid-sized private company that, while not a religious organization, does have “Christian values” as one of its organizational tenets, and has many Christian employees (of which I consider myself one, but more on the liberal progressive side). Generally, they treat employees well, have flexible workplace policies, and overall strive to create a healthy work environment. For the most part, they succeed. However, one issue has come up repeatedly, and I’m wondering what (if anything) to do about it. A few of the employees (and managers as well) adhere to a particularly strict brand of religious practice where they (men) do not spend time alone with members of the opposite sex who aren’t their wives or family members. While this doesn’t present itself as much of an issue in the day-to-day operation of the workplace, this has had impacts on performance reviews, work trips, and work-related outings (and, frankly, my morale). Some of my peers share these convictions, and while it’s irritating to me to be reduced to gender, I do respect their preferences. However, I feel like it leads to inequitable treatment when managers can have off-site 1:1 performance reviews (per the typical practice of the company) with their male employees and not with female employees, or could potentially be career-limiting if, say, they needed to choose someone to travel with them for a project and choose a male employee due to their beliefs.

    I’ve discussed this with a few others here, and one coworker has raised it up the chain a bit (specifically, the performance review piece). She was told that going for an off-site lunch for a performance review is part of the company culture and that it wouldn’t change, and that the accommodation was to bring along another coworker or a spouse. To us, this seems awkward at best and paternalistic at worst.

    So I guess the question is: is there a case for really pressing them on this issue? Does it leave them open to legal liability? Will it benefit women in my workplace? Or is it a smaller issue in the context of a generally supportive work environment?

    This is disgusting and sexist, and it hurts women. Despite some high-profile instances of employers apparently tolerating this (Mike Pence), you cannot allow employees, and especially managers, to treat men and woman differently in substantive ways that have real impact on them. It’s illegal.
    And this does have real impact. As you point out, it denies women the same sort of relationship-building and professional development opportunities that their male coworkers receive. If only male employees are having one-on-one meals with these managers, traveling with them, and getting picked for projects where they’ll work together closely, they’re getting professional advantages that are being denied to their female colleagues. If those managers aren’t comfortable doing those things with men, they they need to stop doing them with men as well.

    It is clear that feminists want to create a police state. I know male supervisors who won’t meet with women in an office with a closed door, because the Mike Pence rule is real. And as to professional advantages- not being a threat to someone who can help you is a very good start. And there are all sorts of ways to get around any rules. Unless you plan to set a surveillance state far beyond anything the KGB ever ran, it’s not possible.

  11. David says

    In a weird sense, the Ms. Monopoly nonsense teaches men something: don’t get married. I mean, Suzanne says she receives emails every day from women who say their relationship or marriage is miserable and they earn more than the guy. What’s next? Divorce Court Monopoly? Where kids learn about no fault divorce laws, child custody and all the rest?

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