Of course leggings are sexually arousing. Duh.

This article was originally published at the Washington Examiner.

If you google “Notre Dame leggings,” you’ll quickly learn about Maryann White, the concerned mother of four boys who wrote a letter to the editor for the school’s newspaper about the leggings young women wear today, particularly at mass.

Here’s a portion of what she wrote:

“I wonder why no one thinks it’s strange that the fashion industry has caused women to voluntarily expose their nether regions in this way. I was ashamed for the young women at Mass. I thought of all the other men around and behind us who couldn’t help but see their behinds. My sons know better than to ogle a woman’s body — certainly when I’m around (and hopefully, also when I’m not). They didn’t stare, and they didn’t comment afterwards. But you couldn’t help but see those blackly naked rear ends. I didn’t want to see them — but they were unavoidable. How much more difficult for young guys to ignore them.”

For writing her letter—and by the way, kudos to Ms. White for not signing her letter “Anonymous”—White was lambasted in the media and elsewhere. For two days Notre Dame students wore leggings in a show of group defiance. There was also a #leggingsdayND hashtag on Twitter with men and women posting pictures of themselves in solidarity with students who choose to wear leggings.

And yet, Ms. White is right. Of course wearing leggings sexualizes women’s bodies. So do high heels. So do tank tops worn in the manner I saw this past weekend, when I had difficulty focusing on the face of the waitress who served my husband and me. Her breasts and cleavage were so purposefully accentuated my eyes naturally gravitated in that direction.

And if my eyes gravitate to whatever a woman wants me to notice, you can bet a man’s eyes will. That was the point of White’s letter. She’s 100% correct that men are visual creatures, much more so than women.

Ironically, I’ve just completed the manuscript for my new book (due out later this year) that I co-authored with John M. Townsend, Ph.D., professor of anthropology and expert on the evolutionary roots of sex differences. Here’s the exact paragraph from chapter two:

“In my [JMT] class on human sexuality, a student mentioned that a female professor told her students it was a tragedy that sexist roles in our society make men think they have to get an erection every time they see an attractive woman.

I asked my students what they thought of this statement, and one of my male students said, ‘There is no thinking involved. You see a good-looking woman with a great body, and you want to have sex with her. It’s instantaneous. There’s no decision. Of course, you can suppress it; but the initial thought is there.’

This young man’s statement launched a class discussion about sexual arousal, whereupon we reviewed together the most recent studies. The research indicated that high school boys and college-age men are aroused two or three times a day on average, and that the stimulus for arousal is usually visual.

In contrast, the average high school girl or college woman is aroused once or twice per week, and the stimulus for arousal is almost never the mere sight of a person or an object.”

And here’s the part that speaks directly to White’s letter: “The college men agreed some erections are even spontaneous and involuntary and could occur in embarrassing situations, such as the classroom or even church. Merely looking at a girl across the room or allowing one’s thoughts to stray to sexual images could produce arousal.”

I have no doubt most college women (as well as many adult women, such as this silly CNN interviewer) haven’t been schooled in the differences in sexual arousal for women and men. But their ignorance isn’t really the crux of the issue—because even if they did know, they wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t care because, in their minds, women can and should be able to do whatever they want, whenever they want with absolutely zero ramifications.

And if there are any ramifications, well, that’s everyone else’s fault. Namely, men’s. Because if men can’t control themselves, they’re pigs. This is twisted logic that puts women at the helm and men at their feet.

All actions have a reaction. We get back from the world what we put out into the world, and it’s no different with our choice of clothing. What we wear speaks volumes about what we think of ourselves and how we want others to think of us. The woman who served my drink this past weekend wanted people to notice her breasts. That was no accident. She was making a statement.

The real question is not whether or not leggings should be worn; I wear them to the gym myself. The real issue is how they’re worn. Picture, if you will, a young woman who’s wearing leggings with a huge sweatshirt on top that covers her entire nether regions. Now picture that same young woman wearing the same leggings, but this time she’s wearing it with, as Ms. White points out in her letter, a “short-waisted top.”

There’s no way you don’t see a difference.

Are women entitled to wear what they please? Absolutely. But they’re not entitled to wear what they please and then demand everyone in their midst pretend not to notice. That’s short-sighted and infantile.

If women don’t want to be sexualized, there’s an easy answer to that.

Stop sexualizing yourselves.

Suzanne Venker

Suzanne Venker is an author, columnist and radio host known as The Feminist Fixer. She helps free women from feminism so they can find lasting love with men. Suzanne's newest book, WOMEN WHO WIN at Love: How to Build a Relationship That Lasts, will be published October 2019.

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  1. Your observations are so well stated. These things are a blend of study, observation, and common sense. I still fail to understand how this issue, with regard to clothing and public display, are not obvious. How trivial these issues are in the context of major issues facing us. Still, your help here is sooo appreciated. It used to be a little teasing or push/pull between the sexes was a lively, stimulating, ritual. Now it is taken with a grave and crushing seriousness that divides. We should not be fighting.

  2. Yeah…no. Women can wear whatever they want. Men need to control themselves. Period. If men are no better than rutting pigs, then maybe those kind of men need to be locked up until they can figure out how to control their urges.

    • Your statement could possibly be the most sexist statement ever in the history of sexist statements. They are controlling their urges. Their physiology is another matter.

      • So what if we accepted that physiological responses sometimes happen because they’re natural and normal and not a problem so long as a person does not allow that response to influence their behavior in such a way that they’re harming someone else or impeding their rights.

        • Something happens when women show it all.
          1. It becomes very common, and not attractive.
          2. It becomes boring.
          3. It takes a lot more to arouse a man.
          4. Mystery is a better sales tool than showing off everything, up front.

          I’ve engaged in Enya appreciation for years, but I have to ration myself; too much of a good thing becomes unpleasant.

    • Wear whatever you want sure, but don’t wear a harlot’s uniform and expect me not assume you aren’t one, its really confusing.
      People who wear police uniforms, maybe who even act like police officers WILL….i repeat….WILL be treated like police officers to folks who are none the wiser.

      Suddenly the same principle shouldn’t apply to women who dress a certain way because “i’m a woman”? Guys do have self control and trust me the ones that do, are trained to stay the hell away from women who showcase themselves.
      To be perfectly honest, you can spill as much sexist nonsense and ignorance as you like, truth of the matter is if you dress like a whore you’re gonna be treated like one………by everybody. I understand the principle of these feminist ideals sounds real good on paper, but its unbearably naive.

      • You’re telling me people like you will stay far away from me if I wear leggings? I’m going to need some more leggings.

        • Yes. Please also include tramp stamps (tattoos), especially on your neck and face, so they cannot be missed. Please shave half your hair, and dye the other half blue. Please wear the fingernail polish that has lead salts in it. And be sure to put the T-shirt that says “I bathe in the tears of men”, on. What you want is to both make men sick to their stomachs, about you, and to be afraid of you. The combination of a strong urge to vomit, with fear, is super effective. You go, girl! Why go half way? Could you also put on an extra 100 lbs, so you look like Triggleypuff? We like truth in advertising. We also really like behavior that will remove your genes from the gene pool. Can you add in the birth control pills, you know, the hormones that cause cancer? Just like the label says? And be sure to march in the slut walks, too, we really want to appreciate who you truly are. And be sure to eat unhealthy food. Thanks so much for understanding! We appreciate your courtesy. Men would really like to cut down their prospects to only the good women, and we so much appreciate your helping us to do that!

    • Your gripe about men needing to control themselves because they are not pigs omits the key difference that the uncontrolled activity you decry is virtually always “looking”, seldom “hey, looking good” and rarely behavior that could realistically be compared to wild rutting pigs.
      The real difference is who is the man giving attention. If the woman finds him attractive, a blunt forward line is welcomed. If she does not, he could say the same thing in the same way and she would consider the comment an assault.

      • So, you have a choice: take a risk, or say nothing. Which one is the safer path? The special formation revealed by these tights is popularly known as a “camel toe”, which says something- it is so common it needs a name.

      • Rutting pigs. Interesting image. That is a cooperative venture. Both the male and female pigs cooperate, and get something out of it. Female pigs don’t play head games. Male pigs get down to business. Are you sure this is what you wanted to communicate?

      • The best way to deal with women like that, is to ignore them. Give them no attention. Concentrate on more useful activities. Women hate to be ignored. Young men would do well to go monk, better yet MGTOW, and work at school, or work. Gather useful experience. All those young women parading their charms, and ignoring you, start getting desperate when they hit 35 or so. They have dug a pit trap for themselves, and will fall in it by themselves. And, young man, when you are 30-35, and successful, you will have your pick of the prime women 25-30. And just ignore women, until that time comes. They have very little that is useful to you, and much that can be dangerous to you.

    • Yes, the problem is always with men. “Men need to control themselves”. Let a dog get a scent of blood, and it goes crazy. Put a female cat in heat, near tomcats, and they react. Saying it is somebody else’s job is a copout, at best. And most men do control themselves. They control it by turning off. They control it by putting their attention elsewhere. So when women do want attention, they don’t get it. Colleges are telling young men that normal courtship behavior is sexual harassment. So they don’t talk to college women. Too risky. The best thing for a young man in college is to go monk, and just stay away from women. Concentrate on education. Les Compagnon craft guilds, in France, which have been around for centuries- and they built the statue of liberty- insist that the men they train be celibate, for the 10 year training period. They feel that involvement with women would simply distract them, as, well, it does. This also keeps them celibate during their stupid years, which is wise, they won’t marry the energy vampires. There’s a lot of wisdom in that. Hmmm. Maybe we could have a return to single gender colleges- so women won’t be harassed, and men can concentrate on their studies?

    • “Yeah…no. Women can wear whatever they want. ”

      Of course they can wear whatever they want. The point is there are consequences to how you act and how you behave. If you think you can walk through this world being as insensitive as your comment implies, you’re in for a rude awakening. Having a clue about context is crucial.

      If you dress up in an outfit which barely covers your privates and walk into Church, you are going to be judged, possibly asked to leave. Most adults realize this. Expecting nobody to notice or demanding that “men need to control themselves” is like saying “I shouldn’t have to lock my car in a shady parking lot, people just shouldn’t steal!” It’s as naive as it is ridiculous.

      “If men are no better than rutting pigs, then maybe those kind of men need to be locked up until they can figure out how to control their urges.”

      You’re a little bit bitter, aren’t you? Perhaps you should lock yourself away and regain some mental acuity before you post crap like this again.

    • Hmmm. Well, rape and assault is always wrong. Period. Let’s put the spray painted pants in another context, though. Let’s say you went to the worst part of town, to a convenience store, late at night. You leave the lights on, and the doors wide open, and of course the keys in the ignition. You spend an hour in the store. You come back out, and your car is gone. You say “Oh, well these thieves should just control themselves.” This is a precisely comparable situation. And you’re right. Those thieves should just control themselves. No question about that. But sane people don’t go into bad areas, and they lock their vehicles, and don’t show valuables. By way, breaking windows to steal from cars is so common in San Fran that the cops don’t even show up any more.

  3. I always find it so interesting how different the sexes are in their thinking probably because I bought the lie as a teen that we were the same. My mother tried to tell me otherwise and I knew physically we were different but I did not know how really different we were. I now know she was right and it still amazes me that male and female are so different in their thinking.

    • Why do we always phrase problems in a way that revolves around women? Nobody wanted to help boys until it was discovered that there aren’t enough educated men for college women. These women were handed everything on a platter, so it makes perfect sense that they would also demand the prince.

      It isn’t working.

  4. I find leggings amazing, they hide everthing, and the same time they reveal everthing, all due to technology, ie: strong but ultra thin cloth, wore with the expression of “who me?” Women are always never less than fascinating.

  5. Leggings reveal more than Playboy used to… uh, yes, men react. I react by changing direction to avoid these women. People in professional attire are assumed to be professional. As one comedian said, “Ladies, I get that you want to wear whatever you want to wear, and still be treated with respect. OK. Let’s say I walk the street in a police uniform, with a gun, a radio, and everything. Someone runs up to me for help. I tell them, “Sorry, I’m just wearing this for fun, I’m not really a cop.” Is that really a surprise, that when you dress like a loose woman, people might just assume you could be that?”

    Leggings are basically an insult, to men, showing what they can’t have. No problem. They are also a badge that says, “avoid me, because I like messing with your head.” I get the message, loud and clear.

    I guess that means I can walk down the street wearing only a jockstrap, too, right?

  6. It doesn’t stop there. I saw a video on youtube, of a woman who had clothing painted on her, walking public streets. That’s next.

  7. I was given the sage advice: dress for the job you want.

    Dress however modest or immodest as you like, but don’t get angry when people respond to your spectacle.

  8. I grew up in the South. There are two places to find women, usually. One is in church. The other is in bars. I’ve seen both. Church is not a guarantee, it is only a higher probability. A bar is a guarantee, though, of painful experience.

    How do I say this… a little mystery is part of the sales process. A woman whose temple gates are clearly defined, by her tights, projects a certain image. Images attract or repel. I am so very amused by the slut walks in some colleges. Most of those women make me want to vomit. And seeing overweight women in tights gives me the dry heaves, too. No better birth control than women like that.

    Gramma used to say that you catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar. But this simple wisdom is just too basic, others know better.

    Have you spent time around Hispanic immigrants? Most of them have families, that are very important to them. Their women look good – for their husbands. Their husbands get respect, a lot of action, a partner, a great mom… I have a divorced friend, he’s with a Mexican woman. No, she’s not perfect, but she is light years ahead of the psycho he divorced. Somebody’s watching… 40% of Hispanic women marry outside of La Raza. What is it, 300,000 oriental women each year enter the US, as new brides… now why would a US man go overseas, for a woman, if the local product was any good? Uhh, now what lesson could we derive, from this, I wonder…

    Respect is the center of the circle of community. It starts with respect for self, which is extended to others. Women who wear revealing clothing are in hard sell, for a product that is most likely
    inferior. Hey, ladies, wear whatever you like. I strongly belief in truth in advertising. And please, please, keep wearing those tramp stamps, and the green hair, and the nose rings. That is so very helpful. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. And please keep using foul language, and wear those T-shirts that say “I bathe in the tears of men”, and so on.

    In the spring, the flowers bloom
    In the summer, do they flourish
    In the fall, they know their doom [old word for fate]
    In the winter, do they perish
    Yet they, in every season, know
    they are always in the flow

    You cannot plant your crop in August, and hope to have a harvest in September. The time to plant crops is in the Spring, after the freezes are over. Then you get a good crop. But people moved away from farms. They believe the propaganda on the idiot box, that you can plant in late August, and get a crop in September. Doesn’t work.

    My brother used to get strippers talking, when he lived in Ft Lauderdale. They came from varied backgrounds, and they all ended up really hating men, and in very bad positions in life. Some had children. I’ve only been in a stripper bar once, and that was because it was New Orleans, and my parents walked in. I can’t stand the atmosphere. I can’t be around alcohol. It’s pathetic, and depressing. Give me a walk in the forest any day.

    I remember a woman in the military, at my AIT. She had it all, in the right places. I had to turn to the wall, when she walked by, to avoid having a very strong physiological reaction. i was sweating. She was treacherous, she came on a training NCO, and when he reacted, she busted him. He got to go to Korea, to an infantry unit, having lost rank. Dum dum. I knew not to speak with her at all. She wore revealing clothing, in civvies. But she had engaged in fraud, and spent a year in an AIT unit, under close security, while they investigated. They finally threw her out of the military. Even they figured out she couldn’t be trusted.

    If they’re giving it away cheap, it can’t be worth much

  9. Thanks for your good insights. Men and women have to be aware and have the mutual will to cooperate in a healthy society. The street has totally lost that. Private relationships have the potential for focus and working on them. That includes marriage as well as sincere friendships. When the friends are of the opposite gender, they have additional issues to deal with. A woman has to realize that the male friend is going to get turned on once in a while. She has to smile and give the message of not taking it personally but not going the wrong way with it. No point in ruining your friendship and your marriage. In the workplace you can also lose your job. There is a rule for avoiding bad situations. In the Jewish world it is called the laws of yichud (being together). In the Christian world was called the Billy Graham rule and now maybe the Pence rule. Don’t go there and stay out of trouble.

    • Ben Shapiro says he must be the only man who waited till marriage to have sex. He’s not. I did, too. I decided that getting my education was more important.

  10. Will Rogers made the comment that if companies would put half the effort into improving their products, that they do into advertising, they wouldn’t need advertising. The same principle applies here.

    Women will wear whatever they feel like. Of course. In some parts of the country, certain people fly Confederate flags. That is their right, of course. It’s an insult, to some parts of the population, and for that reason I choose not to fly one. Women with these leggings on are openly insulting men, sort of a “ha ha ha, look at what you can’t have”. No problem. Truth in advertising is a wonderful thing. Hopefully they also have tramp stamps, nose rings, and purple hair. There are laws saying that toxic waste dumps need to have warning signs, and these are warning signs.

    Hardsell usually means the product is inferior.

  11. it’s not sexual to wear stuff like that. it is sensual.
    a women has the right to be sensual without being sexually harassed by the law of most western countries. a law that was made by men. and thus we must respect men for this.
    god bless our western men for cherishing us and allowing us to be sensual beings, in leggings and tank tops and bikinis. for being turned on by us. and then prosecuting any moron that assaults us.
    men are so sexy for this.

  12. My husband said men used to wonder what women’s bodies used to look like. Now (with leggings) they don’t have to wonder. (Ladies- men don’t really want to have it all put out there all the time btw)

    • Now they get to see what women’s bodies look like. In more than a few cases, it makes them want to throw up.

  13. I would like to know the impact of the sheer number of girls/women wearing such clothing. In Australia about 50% of women/girls in public wear “activewear” particularly in wealthy areas. To me the saturation of women/girls wearing these kinds of clothing leads to ignoring most women wearing it. It really drives down the rate of women that will catch my eye, as you have to be quite outstanding to break above all the average people dressed in such clothing. The novelty of such clothing is wearing off as it reaches saturation point. Every year it gets more revealing – e.g. mini shorts and inch or two of asscheek showing, the engineering and availability of the right leggings for everyones body type and the amount of girls/women doing physical activity to accentuate their ass or legs. For me it’s at the point where a woman/girl well dressed in conservative clothing will catch my eye now rather than revealing clothing, or I guess I have more respect for the conservatively dressed one and in my mind would view that as a potential partner vs a pump and dump leggings girl. Another trend even extending to the lower teens now is the bikini riding up the crack.
    With the whole body on show it leaves no mystery for the man and no reason for us to think about getting to know her as we don’t want to date a girl who has her whole body on show for other men to drool over. We don’t want to date girls who have promiscuous instagram pictures for simps to like.
    What gets me is that they are happen to post this almost naked pictures online for the dirtiest of dirty to see yet if you give them attention in public and you aren’t in that top 10% of guys they are liking on tinder they view you as an ugly creep/unwanted advance. My experience of clubbing since social media kicked off is that it is now 75% women and they do not mix beyond their group yet (my friends/colleagues) they ask me the next day what they did wrong to not attract guys.
    We are also at a point where guys don’t approach and girls say they want the power of approach but never do approach, as you mentioned in another article, their view of all guys as someone who will pump and dump, versus their view of not wanting sex with someone that they might develop feelings for, leads them to have casual sex with the loser who won’t stick around as they are scared to think that the one they like might just be another loser who won’t stick around and that will be a huge hit to their confidence.
    I have strayed onto other topics, I shall end here.

    • Look at a skinmag from the fifties. Some women show more than that, on the street now. Men are jaded. A teenage boy goes walking by all that stuff and gets really distracted. Older men lose interest. When all the mysteries are revealed, there are no more mysteries.

    • That is true. Men approach women less. Some women approach men, finally knowing what rejection feels like. I’ve seen women go nuts when they were rejected. Jordan Peterson talks about sending avatars out into one’s model of the world. Women’s model of the world are seriously variant from reality, often. The nicer guys don’t go clubbing, much. They aren’t easy to find, any more. They are protecting themselves. And many women wearing revealing clothing are disgusting, revolting, sickening to look at.

  14. Yes, leggings are arousing. It’s true. They are a sort of upraised middle finger, for men. That’s a good habit for women to get into- insult men, in as many ways as possible. Make it part of who you are. And when you realize you do want to have some male support, for babies, you can’t take it out of your system. Men over 30 are very sensitive to that kind of stuff. It’s an early relationship killer. But go ahead and wear them, anyway. Because you can. Fill yourself with hatred, disfigure your body. Anoint your body with poisonous chemicals. It’s a free country, the Indians haven’t been paid for it. As you walk down that path, you get further and further down it. Going back gets more and more difficult. What better way to insult men, than to parade what they can’t have? And men get more and more jaded. In 1850, men would get hot seeing a woman’s ankle. Seeing women semi-clothed on the street gets boring, after a while. Overstimulation becomes boring. There was an experiment on killing gypsy moths. They put sex hormones for the males, all over the trees. The male gypsy moths were turned on all the time, and lost interest in sex. And the population plummeted. That’s a moral for our own society, which is doing the same thing.

    • Yes. Overstimulate men, and they start to lose interest. Deny what is flagrantly advertised, and they lose interest.

  15. Women no longer look at the long term consequences of their actions. Men in college don’t usually have much status, and most of them are not alphas. So they don’t get much action. If any. Some accept this, and go hermit. I find that people do not forget open, flagrant insults. These pants are basically a major insult, to those young men. Those young men go on to get jobs. The image they have in their mind is a red flag to a bull, no, it is openly parading stimulating clothing, behind a fence. When they become successful, say their early 30’s, they consider what female partners would be appropriate. They tend to marry younger women. Not always, but that is the direction of the tide. The tide shifts, and men have much more choice, than before. Tom Leykis has talked on his show, about how young men who were ignored, if not seriously dissed, in high school, and college, go back to reunions, and look at the women who dissed them. More often than not, those arrogant women are without partners, and looking for one. I went to reunions, and I had the great joy, of being politely uninterested in them. I saw the ones who were prematurely old, because they chose partners badly, or consumed stupidjuice, or weed. I saw some who still looked good, and were still ice queens, under the surface warmth. And a great balanced feeling surged through my guts, and I knew there was justice, that the Universe always balances the scales. My wife is better than any of them, for me. I remembered those who passed their favors out freely, to young men who did not appreciate them. I remember those who blatantly advertised what I could not have. OK. To everything there is a season… The Byrds did a great job with that. Fall is not the time to be putting up green shoots, hoping they will grow.

  16. Look, mommy, the Emperor, I mean the Queen, has no clothes on!
    Hush, child, the queen has the best of new clothes, made by the royal tailors.
    No, mommy, the Queen has no clothes on! I can see her big butt in back, and her small butt in front!
    Hush, child, you aren’t old enough to understand.
    OK, mommy. But why does the Queen look so angry, all the time? Is it because she has no clothes on?

  17. There was a zoo, in a nearby city, when I was in high school. They had a monkey colony. Around mating season, the monkeys went at it. At a certain point, the male monkeys didn’t have any more. The female monkeys were parading their backsides, presenting, doing everything they could, to arouse the males. But the males were drained. These pants are a sort of presenting. And I see more and more men, just like those male monkeys, not interested, due to overstimulation.

    • So when are going to call out Melania Trump for her tacky, artless photos where she is nude or barely dressed? What about the women on Fox News who wear dresses that expose a lot of leg and cleavage?

  18. Dear Catholic Mom: the Bible does discuss karma, though not under that name. Those women who put themselves on display are having an effect. The young men who see them, and are stimulated, can’t do much about that stimulation. Those women are like people who flash a stack of 100’s in front of a homeless person, laugh, and say, “You aren’t getting any today! Ha ha ha!”

    Men don’t forget that. Men add years. Most get jobs, and acquire position and status. They start looking for a partner. They have an image of the undesirable woman. This is a composite of all the unpleasant women he’s seen, including those who showed him all the goodies, when he was unable to do anything about it. They also have an image of the desirable woman. This is a composite of the desirable women he’s seen. You are Catholic. They may seek out Catholic women. They won’t seek out the women who wore those revealing clothes. I knew who was loose, in high school, and college. I had only to pay attention. I avoided women like that. It is very amusing to see those women, later in life. They get desperate to find a partner. Their choices are more limited. A man looking for a long term relationship usually does not rate exhibitionism high on his list of desirable qualities. And years of practice at it, is very difficult to break. Some find lesbian partners. Nobody in a partnership is more cruel than a dominant lesbian. Do not believe what I say. Ask. These women insult your sons. They don’t know the price they are paying. I wear a wedding ring. Women sometimes hit on me. I am very polite, and I smile, when I reject them. I have no interest. I don’t care how good they look, they aren’t worth anything to me. I committed, and I will stay committed. Temptation is part of life. Your sons choose their reaction.

  19. I am a Catholic Mom. I understand. I worried so much about my own son. He found his way in life. He was on the track team, he did well in college, he organized weddings, he sold cars. And he found a great woman. My husband and I are very happy with his choice. He didn’t pick the women who showed off all their goods. He picked a modest woman, a woman who is an outstanding mom. We live in rural Michigan. There aren’t as many women displaying all their goods, here. My little boy has grown up into a responsible man, and my husband and I are very proud of him.


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