How to Feel Inspired about Love In an Age of Gender Propaganda

The year 2019 has begun with a bang. A gender bang, you might say. As if the APA’s new guidelines that deem masculinity “harmful” wasn’t bad enough, Gillette subsequently released a patronizing ad that targets masculinity as well. Even worse, it will air during the Super Bowl.

I could wax poetic about the egregious cultural attack on male nature, but I’ve already done that twice—here and here—plus there’s no shortage of articles on the subject.

I’m much more concerned about YOU.

How are you and/or your spouse and children dealing with the onslaught of gender propaganda? How can any of us have a healthy relationship with the opposite sex when the culture undermines our efforts? Do you ever feel overwhelmed about it all, if not for yourself than for your kids?

If so, I’d like to help. From day one, my work has been all about fighting the culture—and this year will be no different. My new book, Women Who Win at Love (due out in October) offers sound countercultural advice and data to help women find Mr. Right and keep him by embracing sexual differences rather than sexual equality.

If you want to win at at love, the only way to do that is to REJECT the propaganda that says gender doesn’t matter and to embrace instead the inherent nature of women and men.

The key is to be strong enough to think for yourself and to do your own thing even when it isn’t popular. That’s not easy, so you’ll need support. That’s where I come in.

There is indeed a political movement surrounding gender that’s sweeping the nation, and it will not let up. But if you hop on board with the cultural narrative about men, masculinity, sex and relationships, I promise you one thing.

You will lose.

If you want to win at love, stick with me. In addition to my new book, I will also have a new podcast this year called “Outside the Box” with another Midwest mom who fights back against the culture as hard as I do. So not only will you have books I’ve written that speak your language, you’ll have a couple of gals in your ear, as often as you want them to be, who will liberate you from the onslaught of cultural propaganda.

So get ready to feel INSPIRED and SECURE about what you know to be true about men and women, children and families—cultural norms be damned.

We certainly do. And we want you to, too.

Suzanne Venker

Suzanne Venker is an author, columnist and radio host known as The Feminist Fixer. She helps free women from feminism so they can find lasting love with men. Suzanne's newest book, WOMEN WHO WIN at Love: How to Build a Relationship That Lasts, will be published October 2019.

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  1. Your article states: “… If you want to win at love, stick me with….” (emphasis mine)

    Stick you with what ? … a typo ?

      • You’re welcome. I enjoyed the article.

        I am (and have been for years) in agreement with your views. Women wanted power and equality. Now that they have them, I believe they are less happy, less financially and physically secure overall and less comfortable in their own skins because they are causing men to walk (or often even run) away from relationships because of their new (feminist), caustic attitudes and viewpoints.

        Having been around many of today’s ‘professional women’ and several single-parent moms, I can say that those I’ve met are single because there’s not a man I know that would tolerate their constant abusive and dismissive attitudes and their vulgarity toward anyone that does not cater to their selfish and “woman-empowering” views of relationships. No man wants to live with and share his income with a business competitor or “fellow professional” when the feminine side is suppressed even at home because the female in question cannot become caring and nurturing at night after being competitive and combative all day in the office. In fact, most men I know want nothing to do with such women and view women they DON’T personally know through the lens of the ‘feminist’ women they DO.

        Unfortunately for both genders, this is resulting in more barriers between the sexes as men simply disengage and bury themselves in work and personal lives eschewing families and the responsibilities of husbandry and fatherhood if it means living with feminists.

  2. This well written information, along with my Grandmother’s example, helped me form a healthy attitude about my desires/future. Forget the career and devote full-time to my family.

    The “Feminist Movement” causes women to be self-absorbed. Motherhood, if taken seriously, is somewhat costly. IF you are to shape a child’s soul, you-(Mom), must sacrifice your time to nurture, affirm and encourage the infant. Yes, folks. Domestic Tranquility starts in the home.

    Likewise, ladies, your sweetheart needs to be nurtured, affirmed and (dare) I say it, pampered.
    (as a young girl, I copied this timely tidbit in front pages of my Bible). circa:1968 by:Phyllis Schafly

  3. Remember that talk show host, what was his name, years ago? Long before Oprah. Married to Marlo Thomas, maybe. A dentist in Dallas thought that show was too racy, and should be on later in the day. So his wife watched the show, and listed the advertisers. He would then type letters, on his IBM selectric- tells you how long ago that was- to the advertisers, telling them how offended he was, by the show.

    The talk show host tried to get the dentist on the show. The dentist refused- he said they would use lighting to make him look like Sat.n himself. he just kept writing. One guy. 60 minutes said the dentist cost that talk show host over 10% of their advertising revenue. One guy. Writing letters. That was about 7 digits of revenue. THEN.

    Don’t fight the claws, or the teeth. go for the neck or the soft underbelly. One person really can make a different. Remember, 4 people ended slavery in the British empire.

    If just 10 people reading this started writing letters, on what offends them, to advertisers… and there are websites that list advertisers of shows. And even if a company
    isn’t an advertiser, getting a nastygram means they are less likely to sponsor that show.

    I sent a letter with F U on it, to Gillette, telling them I won’t use their products.

    Welcome these insults. You’re in a target rich environment. Try
    not to have too much fun with this. Heh heh. You have the power. Use it.

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