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TIRED OF THE LIES AND THE SPIN perpetuated in the culture about men, women, sex and love? Had it up to here with the anti-men and anti-marriage world in which we live? If so, get ready to hear hard-hitting truths about women and men that will make you cry out “Yes! Finally someone tells the truth!”

In her signature no-nonsense style, author and relationship coach Suzanne Venker challenges the culture's hugely flawed notion that men are women are interchangeable—which has infected society and caused untold damage in countless sectors: the workplace; college campuses; sports; the law; and, most importantly, in marriage and relationships.

Enough! says Venker. It’s time for Americans to have the support and the information they need to reject the propaganda and to help keep their relationships and families strong.

The Suzanne Venker Show brings a wealth of wisdom from authors, educators, psychologists and others who aren’t afraid to admit what the culture won’t. And we have one main goal: to help you and the people you love feel secure in your beliefs about what you know is right and confident in your desire to speak your mind.