VIDEO: The War on Men and the State of Modern Marriage

At the root of the war on men is fear—fear that marriage isn’t a solid investment. I believe that’s one of the reasons women look to their jobs as their major source of fulfillment. As products of the divorce generation, today’s young people have few models for how to make marriage work. The office, in comparison, feels easy. !e marketplace we can control; our relationships we can’t.

Or so we think.

And then, of course, women have the added burden of being raised in a culture that insists women don’t need men. This attitude creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. By entering marriage with this cloud of negativity, women get exactly what they expect: not much.

It sounds too simple (or perhaps too good) to be true, but you’d be surprised how a simple change in attitude can change one’s life. Women must start thinking about their futures differently than the way they were taught to think. If they plan to get married and have children, they should spend more time preparing for that part of their lives. They should assume husbands and children will be their primary identity, even if they work outside the home.

In other words, pursue a career, but keep it in check. Say to yourself, “I’m fine by myself, but I’m better with you,” and your shot at love will improve exponentially.

It’s time for women to put down their swords. There’s no reason marriage and motherhood, even in its traditional form, can’t work for the modern world. Standing in women’s way aren’t outdated attitudes and government policies, as feminists claim. Standing in the way is that anything “traditional” is considered backward, as though everything that used to work no longer does. That’s ridiculous.

Change for change’s sake is foolish. We love to think of ourselves as forward thinking, as though all change is good. But it’s not. The obesity rate has tripled in the last forty years. Should we not look back at what we did before to see what we can do better?

Watch the video above to hear the rest…

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Suzanne Venker

Suzanne Venker is an author, speaker and cultural critic known as “The Feminist Fixer.” She has authored several books to help women win with men in life and in love. Her most recent, The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men & Marriage, was published in February 2017.

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