Is getting an education a waste of time for married women? Circa 1961

Ha! Gotcha with that headline, didn’t I?

I’m posting this video purely for your entertainment. I’ve watched it numerous times because I find it hysterical. Don’t show it to your feminist friends because feminists have no sense of humor.

Also, wouldn’t it be lovely if we could debate this civilly today?

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Suzanne Venker

Suzanne Venker is an author, speaker and cultural critic known as “The Feminist Fixer.” She has authored several books to help women win with men in life and in love. Her most recent, The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men & Marriage, was published in February 2017.

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  1. I like the chemist. Kindergarten teacher is cancer and an exemplification of why grade school teachers aren’t respected. Interesting relic from a different time. Education is important in case your marriage dissolves, even if you don’t value education for its own sake, which is too bad. Break-ups can happen to anyone at any stage. Thanks for sharing.

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